Why John

Four reasons why to contact: result, trust, risk reduction and building a basis.

Focus on Analysis & Result

In analyzing a problem, I will start unbiased and use proven diagnostics. This way, I will be able to create a solution that fulfills your needs and desires . I start with the “Why” question,  proceed to  the “How” and  finally the “What” . Eventually, I will come up with  clearly defined RESULT which leaves no room for ambiguity and a clear picture of a return on investment.

Trust & Enthusiasm

My relations tell me that my approach  is best defined by  the words trust and connection. I move on and take one step beyond and I want my relations to make the best choice for their challenge. I am committed, but at the same time I do not follow the crowd and choose  my own path. Sometimes my approach is provocative, and this has proven to create connection. Rest assured, it is always directed towards building a connection.

Risc Reduction & Proven Approach

I have a proven track record  that shows I support my relations how to be successful. Most of the time I use state-of-the-art and proven methodology. By those means there is little risk and it is transparent so you know what you can expect right from the start.


An important aspect of my way of working is my focus on building a solid basis for methodology choice.  Otherwise, results are zero. Once a clear direction has been chosen (top down), the foundations are laid by working bottom up.  The employee decides what he will adopt from the chosen solution, not management, nor the consultant.