• Boardmemeber of the Stichting Maatschappelijke Coalitie ( Foundation of Societal Coalition) www.maatschappelijkecoalitie.nl  in which we create economic opportunities for all inhabitants of The Netherlands. We wil reach this goal by developing programms en to cooperate with inhabitants, employers, educational institutions and municipalities.
  • Zooomeee: the development and implementation of a ‘total talent approach’ in wich we respect and adresss the qualities of every individual. To establish this, Zooomeee has developed a platform that supports this development. Zie www.zooomeee.com
  • Shutting down 6 schools at a a vocational institute (14 months)
  • Development of a top management structure for an organization in health care and social welfare (6 months)
  • Development of a structure for a health care institute (4 months)
  • Manager HR at a food retailer (8 months)
  • Project manager personnel review at a housing corporation (10 months)