What is your added value?

I think it is most of the time defined as: enhancing the efficiency of your organization, your department or your employees!

How can I support you? I will help employees to become better now and in the long run and to enable them to work in a wider range of jobs. I will do that by bringing diagnostic and development tools within reach for each and every individual employee, thereby connecting to the ‘power within’ and allowing them to connect to others. This way, I manage to bring employees closer to their unique destination.



The implementation of talent management platforms and systems by which the employee can work autonomously on his own development.

The employee has the possibility to work around his SMART BIO / e-portfolio with the support of different self-assessment modules.
The platform that has proven itself and that I use mostly is known by the name ZOOOMEEE

When we meet we can further explore the potential of this.


The development, organization and execution of Assessment centers (selection and developmental).

The last 11 years I have worked intensely in management, development and execution of assessment programs. In an Assessment Center or Development Center I help organizations to select and develop the competent employee(s).

Some distinct aspects of my assessments.

1. Orientation on  organization and job description: however good the assessment is, it has to be placed in the context of an organization, despite the top quality of the assessment of the consultant. I value greatly to get to know the organization, the department and the manager by spending time for intake(written and oral).

2. The development of a candidate will start immediately: an assessment is not only  an investment for the employer, but also a present for the candidate. Every candidate will be given the opportunity to develop and get a better insight inside. Even a candidates who  receives negative advice for an application will just as well receive insight and advice how to work on development and growth. They will receive feedback and I guide them how to use a logbook to record their own behavior and attention points. The means I use direct feedback and the use of a logbook in which the candidate can record his own behavior and attention points.

 3. Supplementary selection instruments: Besides a capacity test and a personality questionnaire, I also use  supplementary questionnaires focusing on how to gain insight in motivation, drives and wishes for his career, but also for his current position.  Quite Unique is the use of a questionnaire called SAVIIO. Saviio gives insight in  someone’s Motivations and Preferences. This creates a better match between a candidate’s values and those of the organization.

Engagement / onboarding

Delivering higher engagement by means of developing and executing onboarding programs and programs for improving cooperation

An engaged employee makes a big difference for your company. Engaged employees (Gallup 2015):

  •  Have less absence due to illness – five days less than average;
  •  Realize 12% more profitability and 18 % more productivity;
  •  Generate 43%  more revenue.

If you ask an engaged employee about his commitment to the company, he would tell that the  chance that as much as 87 %. By developing engagement by means of onboarding programs and training of leaders / executives / managers, I will enhance engagement.

Development and execution of leadership development programs

In the development of leadership development programs, it is essential to converge with the values and culture of the organization. This implies that I only will be able to develop a program in close cooperation with the organization. However, there are some universal values. The manager / leader is the culture carrier of the organization. In  my model I assume that there is a balance between vision, management and leadership in a company. I prefer to create a balance between push and pull.  I’d love to tell you more about my way of working and assumptions.


Coaching managers /directors.

We think it is perfectly normal that a professional sportsman trains every day. Yet, at the same time we assume that for  a professional manager a training course every five years will do, perhaps supplemented by occasional feedback sessions once in a while.

Coaching is among a manager’s primary tasks. It is his goal and role to create those conditions in which his employees can perform at their best. It’s the managers’ job to coach his employees more than twice a year. De facto, he needs to coach his employees  continuously  and  finetuned to the developmental level and needs / desires of his employee.

Questions that are issues for coaching are: questions directed towards there management style;  dilemma’s concerning values, nature or nurture of behavior. I do not have a specific style of coaching. The basis is trust. As a registered psychologist, coachees may question my style. This does not mean that I am kind for my coachees. On the contrary: I am a fan of provocative coaching and so I provoke coachees on a regular basis. Most of the times my coaching sessions will take one and a half hour. Coaching trajectories vary in length, typically between 5 and 10 sessions.

Management development

Defining management development programs

Examples of MD programs are with Nive and Konmar. For Konmar (foodretail) I designed Konmar University. Within Konmar University I developed four programs konstrat, konmaster, konlife en konfuture. Three of them were actually executed several times.

Search en selection 

Organising search and selection assignments

Sometimes, searching and selecting a candidate for a certain job has the highest priority

If this is the case, my expertise suits the challenge. Together with a Search and Selection agency, I design and execute the task I am pleased to help you in this assignment. Sometimes I will execute that in close cooperation with known search and selection agency.


Enhancing mobility and managing outplacement

Sometimes it is necessary to say goodbye to one or more colleagues. My experience as managing director with Right Management implies a broad experience in outplacement and mobility. I am used to closely cooperate with agencies that have built up a solid reputation in this area.
If necessary I perform these jobs in close cooperation with agencies with a solid reputation.